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Zombie Days, Campfire Nights

Zombie Days Campfire Nights: Undead AmericaZombie Days Campfire Nights: Undead America by Leah Rhyne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zombie Days Campfire Nights is the entertaining opener for a series, built on strong characters and interesting plot twists. The story follows a group of friends that become separated during a zombie apocalypse. The chapters hop between several narrators, which the uses very well to capture different voices of the characters. While Jenna is the main protagonist of the story, each of the characters has their own struggles and needs that drive the plot forward.

While Jenna is the main protagonist and the focal point of the story, I felt myself really drawn into Sam’s Journey with the leathernecks. It is among the darkest elements of the book and really provides a contrast to the other chapters. This story seemed like it could have been a whole separate novel, and if it was I would have read it, too.

The story builds to an exciting ending, resolving the major conflicts in the novel, but leaving some strings to be tied together in the rest of the series. I look forward to finding out what is next for Jenna and her zombie smashing baseball bat.

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