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Before I tried writing a novel, I could pick a book apart so easy. It’s so easy to see the flaws in any writer’s work, sometimes it’s a lot easier than seeing the things they do well. Once I hit about 30,000 words in my first novel that all started to change.

I wanted to go back and add at least one star to every book I ever rated on Goodreads. And, I did on many of them.

The truth is it takes so much effort to make a story come together into a good, compelling novel, and until you’ve tried it yourself, you don’t understand what the authors go through. I had written short stories for years, but I had a whole new respect for a lot of authors that complete and 80,000 word novel.

The critics out there are critics for a reason, I guess. They see the things novelists don’t want to see. While I do still review the books I read, for the most part I tend to focus my feedback on the positives. I can think of at least one thing I liked about every book I’ve ever read. So, if you notice me reading your book, you can be sure I’m enjoying it.

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