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Works In Progress Update

Hello again friends! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer and finding some time to relax and read some zombie novels. After a break from writing for a couple weeks in June, I’ve been back at it and wanted to update you all on what I have been working on.

The next story from me will be a short story for an anthology of Reanimated Writers based in the world of the Rise of the Dead series. If you enjoyed the first book, you will not want to miss this story. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that it will be centered around the events that happened to Blake’s wife, Amanda, after she got disconnected from Blake on the phone the day the dead rose. It should be out around Halloween, and will feature a bunch of other talented writers! I will keep you updated as the date nears.

In other news, I can say with certainty there will be at least one more book in the Rise of the Dead series. I’m still in the early stages of writing the third book, which will be titled Rage of the Dead, but am liking where it’s headed. This book will definitely feature another new narrator that will join the other survivors, and as of now I expect it will be the longest in the series. I already have the cover done, and am going to be revealing all new covers for the whole series when I set the date for Rage to be released.

I had initially outlined three books, but have started outlining a probable fourth book as well that would potentially close out the series, but that’s a long way off for now. Still a lot to figure out in book three before I get that far ahead.

In the meantime, I’ll keep posting to Dead Souls as much as I can. I have really enjoyed taking breaks from my other works in progress to add to the saga, so I hope you’re enjoying it too.

Here is a summary and tentative timeline for everything I am planning and working on currently:


Fall 2017

A Peaceful Town” – Short ROTD story for Reanimated Writers

Winter 2017/18

Rage of the Dead РBook Three in the ROTD Series

Spring/Summer 2018

Remains of the Dead – Book Four in the ROTD Series

Fall 2018

Unrest – Book One in the Undying zombie apocalypse series

Winter 2018/19

American Carnage – Slasher horror

Spring 2019

Unsane – Book Two in the Undying Series

Fall 2019

Undead РBook Three in the Undying Series

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