What I’m Reading

When I am not busy writing a zombie, I’m generally pretty busy reading one of them. Hell, I’m probably just as much of a fan of zombie fiction as you.  I am always on the lookout for a must-read recommendation, or a great new author to check out.

Each month I feature a couple of my favorite reads for you to check out if you like. While you’re waiting for my next book, you might as well pick up some of these great reads, too.

Extinction End (Extinction Cycle Book 4)

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Hope rises in the hearts of those still left standing, but safety seems to be just an illusion. In a single night of shattering terror, Plum Island is destroyed, and key scientist Dr. Kate Lovato is abducted.

The end has arrived…


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The Remaining: Allegiance

By D.J. Molles
Through an overwhelming storm of pain and adversity Captain Lee Harden has fought and survived. But his mission continues.
Recovering from his wounds, mental and physical, he must rally his companions at Camp Ryder and push back against the still swarming hordes of the infected that threaten to extinguish an already devastated society.


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