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I’ve found one of the best things about finishing a story is finally being able to put it behind you. It’s sort of like the feeling of getting out of school for summer or starting a vacation. Liberating. Now that Return of the Dead is out though, I start turning my focus on the next project in the pipeline.

Some of you guys might be wondering when the third book is coming. While I have already started writing it, at this point I’m still in wait and see mode about releasing it. It just all depends on how the release of Return of the Dead goes. If enough people are checking it out, and saying they want book three in the series when they drop a review, that will definitely encourage me to focus on getting it done faster. For now, I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned.

What is coming for sure is a free zombie story. The page for Dead Souls is going to be a new project I will work on from time to time and available to read on my website for free. The first episode will be uploaded next week, and I will add to it whenever the next part is ready. New episodes might be added once or twice a week, or once every two months, depending on the response and how much of my time is focused on other writing projects.

So, I hope you’ll check that out and if you like it, make sure you sign up for my newsletter or follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up as new episodes are added. While I might consider releasing it in book form eventually, right now it is just a way to thank you guys that have been reading, and hopefully keep you entertained between releases.

Aside from ROTD 3 and Dead Souls, I have another book and sequel planned out that I am dying to work on. It takes on the traditional zombie outbreak from a new angle, which I’m pretty excited about. The zombies are more of a backdrop for other storylines, but still the cause of conflicts. The characters are still all taking shape, but I think it has some solid potential. It is entirely possible the first book of this story might be the next release if interest in ROTD3 isn’t there yet. Once again, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

For now, I’m getting ready for our summer road trip. Going to do some exploring in 5 different states, and probably get a half dozen other ideas for zombie stories and settings along the way. And I will probably stop to grab a beer and eat a Zombie Burger in Iowa and read a whole lot of the books I have been meaning to catch up on. Hope you all have a great summer and stay scared!


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