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Weekly Writing Wrap-up

It was another good week for writing. I’m still not getting as many words down as I would like as of yet, but I definitely have been getting more consistent on putting words down on a daily basis. As I am getting closer to wrapping up Rage of the Dead, the trick will be to continue putting down new material while re-working Rage into the final draft.

Most of the writing this week, about 9,000 words went into Rage, while I wrote about 2000, that went into the new episode of Dead Souls.

I’m hoping this week, I’ll be able to get around 15,000 or so to stay ahead of schedule. It’s been about three weeks since I took a full day off of writing. It has definitely kept me very focused to stay consistently busy, also to have a clear idea where each chapter and story is headed. I still have those days or moments, where doubts creep up and drag production down, but I’ve become much better at pushing through them.

I’m going to try and remember to keep posting my writing progress each week, and use it as chance to let you know how close certain books are to completion so you can know what to expect. Until, next weekend! Thanks for reading!

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