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The Undead Situation

The Undead Situation (Undead, #1)The Undead Situation by Eloise J. Knapp

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is an adventurous read, with some compelling characters that aren’t your run of the mill heroes. The main character is at times quite despicable, which is perhaps the personality needed to survive in Knapp’s bleak world of psychotic villains and the undead.

Knapp is tough writer, who isn’t afraid to go to that dark place of the human psyche, and that is what keeps the reader turning the pages. At times irrational, angry, and violent, her “heroes” drive the plot forward and not quite being able to trust the main character creates the feeling that anything could happen.

At it’s best moments, the Undead Situation portrays an internal struggle of a character that believes himself to be a villain. He finds it hard to be the hero, and the kinds of expectations and moments he is forced to live up to that status.

The lack of a backstory for the narrator creates a lot of mystery in reading the novel, however it would have really been a benefit to able to better understand where this guy was coming from to understand his transformation. Still, it’s an interesting angle in post-apocalyptic fiction to tell the story of a character that is becoming more human as the world he lives in becomes less and less human.

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