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TankbreadTankbread by Paul Mannering
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tankbread follows a man in an epic race against time to save humanity from extinction. Think Mad Max meets the zombie apocalypse. The narrator, a courier, is tasked with bringing a Tankbread, a human cloned as zombie food, across Australia. He must fight through hordes of undead and make it before the cloned woman, Else, reaches her expiration date.

The first chapters were a bit confusing, it took a little patience to get oriented in the story, but once it gets rolling the novel keeps up a quick pace until the end. Else is perhaps the most engaging character in the novel. Born as an adult, with no knowledge of the world around her, she has a unique perspective on the world around her. It is fun to watch her grow up over the course of the novel and turn into a zombie slaying badass.

There are several stops along the way where the heroes are helped along by other communities or survivors, bringing a mix of interesting characters into the fold. While most of these encounters keep the action rolling in the story, at times they seemed unnecessary filler for a plot that would have been better off without them. Looking forward to reading the next installment.

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