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Summer Update

Hey everyone! Just want to give you all an update on upcoming releases as summer approaches.
Rage of the Dead is coming along, slowly but surely. After returning from a California trip and getting to do a little research on locations, I’m back home and stocked up on beer to push through to the end of the story. It’s looking like it should be ready for a late summer release. Below is a picture of one of the locations I checked out, which is mentioned in the early chapters of Rage of the Dead. Can you figure out what place this is?
I was hoping to have book three complete and out by now, but sometimes life gets in the way. Now that summer is here, and plenty of time to write, I’m sure I will be able to wrap this story up soon.
After a few setbacks in production, the audiobook of Return of the Dead is finally rolling along and so far it is sounding like something you will not want to miss. Jilliane Baumert really captures Scout and brings the story to life. The audiobook should be released around the same time as Rage of the Dead will be ready to drop on Kindle and paperback.
Book four is still definitely happening at some point and I will turn my focus to that as soon as the final touches are put on Rage of the Dead. I already have the story vaguely outlined and book four should wrap up a number of storylines in the series. I’d love to keep the series going beyond that, but I am still not sure that will be more to the story or if book four will be a natural end. Either way, there will always be another zombie novel in the works, whether in this series or the next one.
I am working on updating the website and look forward to sharing the first glimpse of Rage of the Dead with you. The prologue and first chapter will give you an idea what happens immediately following the last pages of Return of the Dead and a chance to meet Chase Graves… the narrator that takes the helm for this novel.
Lastly just want to say thank you to those of you that have been patiently awaiting part three! Your eagerness keeps me motivated to work when I hit snags in the story or am struggling to find the time to write. I’ll do my best to make this story worth the wait!

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