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Sequel Update

UPDATE: Book two in the ROTD series is out now on Amazon. Pick up Return of the Dead today!

Hope you all are going to take some time to relax and enjoy the long holiday weekend. Aside from taking a moment to remember the men and women that gave their lives for our great country, I’m really looking forward to some more time to work on the next installment of Rise of the Dead. It’s been going slower than I’d like, but that’s mostly because I’m really determined to make the next book a story that blows the first book away.

One of the main aspects of the first story was that I wanted a true apocalyptic novel where the main villain was actually the zombies. Most zombie stories start with an outbreak then skip ahead to the good guys and bad guys that eventually take over the plot. I really wanted to focus on the fight against the zombie horde initially, interspersed with brief encounters with some bad people. I wanted the novel to be about the complete and total devastation that a survivor would endure. This made for a story that was big on action, but only allowed for so much time for character development while maintaining some sense of realism.

As the series shifts from the apocalypse to the post-apocalypse, the storytelling will shift gears as well. Book two is more about how characters find a way to struggle onward, even after they have lost everything. The next installment will provide a broader look at the post-apocalyptic world while allowing more opportunity to get to know the characters, new and old, in greater depth. It also takes a look at some modern gender roles, and how an apocalyptic event might impact them. Time is also still a major “character” and takes on a new, frightening role. I promise this will not make for a slower, less intense story. If anything I can guarantee this book to be more intense and brutal than the first.

I’m hoping to have a couple of teaser chapters posted in the next week or two. So far, I have only shared a few chapters with a couple of my alpha readers. They each agreed that both the writing and the characters are more dynamic and engaging than the first book. Right now the sequel is about halfway to completion. I’m really hoping I can stay on track to have the book out by the end of July, but I can’t make any promises. I owe it to you guys that gave the first book a chance to give you an awesome follow-up book. So, it won’t be out until I feel confident you will not be disappointed in the next installment of the story.

Thank you all again! You guys that read and spread the word about the first book are what make the next story possible.

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