Return of the Dead

If there was one thing Scout Johnson never learned, it was when to quit. Before the dead rose, Scout was a working mom, doing anything she had to do to take care of her family. It was never easy, but she always came through. That all changed when corpses began returning to life.

While traveling through the Ozarks in search of save haven with a group of survivors, Scout suddenly finds herself in a battle with both the living and the dead. Facing impossible odds, her only hope hinges on a secretive CIA agent, a few Navy Seals, and a ragtag group from Chicago that she encounters along the way. Together Scout, Blake and the rest of the cast race across the heartland in order to save themselves and find the answer to stopping the zombie apocalypse before it is too late.

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When the vultures are circling, something bad is about to happen. I never used to see many of them, but ever since the dead started walking I see them all the time. That’s how I can always tell when we got trouble nearby. I lower the binoculars and wipe the sweat from my eyelids.

“Scout,” Steven whispers. “What do you see?”

There isn’t anyone around for miles, but he is accustomed to whispering now. We all are.

“Nothing good,” I tell him.