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Rage of the Dead Update

Hey everyone!

I have been dark for awhile while working on the next installment of the Rise of the Dead series. It was rough going with some health issues in the family, plus two toddlers that never seem to let me want to work. Aside from that, it just took a long time to really wrap my head around this story.

This third book to awhile to get going, but has been coming along pretty well as of late. While I’m already behind the date I was hoping to have the book ready for release, I feel pretty good saying you can expect it sometime this spring. I am also far enough along that I can give you some hints of what to expect.

Rage of the Dead will also have a new main character that narrates this portion of the story. As was the case with Blake and Scout, Chase Graves, a recon Marine with Nighmare Company, will tell his own tale that simultaneously furthers the over-arching story of the series.

I really was not sure about writing from the perspective of a Marine at first. I knew I did not want him to be a generic action hero type of character. There’s way too much of that kind of story out there already. Chase Graves most definitely is not that. None of the men of Nightmare Company fall into that category.

As it is written now, the third book will also go back to the beginning of the zombie uprising and tell the story of our main character from day one. That means that this book covers approximately the first three months of the outbreak. Needless to say, this is going to be a longer novel than the first two books, which is partly why it is taking so much longer to get through.

That also means book three will not pick up precisely where book two left off, but we will get back there in the story eventually. I promise. By going back to the beginning we will learn more about what is happening, how it happened, and if the characters might still be able to stop it. Maybe it’s not too late, or maybe it is.

Also, I do not think we will get to find up what Amanda and Lacey are up to in this third book. That will come in book four. If you picked up the Undead Worlds anthology, you know by now that Blake’s wife Amanda is (or was) still alive after the outbreak. She was last spotted on the highway with her new friend Lacey. That story was meant to be a lead up to the probable finale of the series, Remains of the Dead.

Lastly, I feel the need to warn everyone. Book three is going to be a hell of a ride. Other than the narrator, no one is safe. Prepare for some tough losses. It’s not gonna be pretty.

I should hopefully have a preview available in the coming weeks along with a blurb. Stay tuned!

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