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Pulse: Genesis (Anisakis Book One)

Pulse: Genesis (Anisakis Nova Book One)

Eloise J. Knapp

A radiation leak that contaminates the fish off the west coast creates a viral outbreak that threatens mankind. These aren’t your typical shambling, mindless zombies. The infected in Pulse are smart, cunning, and can even blend into the unsuspecting population in their desire to spread the virus.

Scientists race against the clock to find a vaccine against the Anisakis Nova plague. Three friends struggle to escape the affected region. Meanwhile, the infected population grows as more and more survivors succumb to spread of infection. Pulse: Genesis intertwines these separate tales that inevitably collide with violent results.

Pulse: Genesis shows Knapp’s great storytelling abilities, and her remarkable ability to blend science and fiction together in a seamless fashion so that the story has an element of authenticity but never gets bogged down by the theory behind it. The focus still remains on the characters, which are fleshed out and driven by their individual motives. Knapp’s stories are always dark. When her characters become infected the virus doesn’t just make them sick. The sickness always seems to bring the darker, sinister elements inside each character to the surface. The underlying idea that anyone has the capacity for evil is what really makes the story scary.

While the changes in perspective sometimes made the time lapse a bit murky between chapters, the story is still well-crafted and the plot is structured well. It’s a fast, compelling and gory read. ¬†Really looking forward to checking out the next book in the series.

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