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No AngelsNo Angels by Leah Rhyne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Picking up where the first book leaves off, No Angels comes through as a solid sequel. Looking for a fresh start after the fiasco in New Orleans, the survivors set up in a farmhouse to try and find some kind of peace. But this is apocalypse. The gang encounters new enemies and gets caught up in another fight for survival.

While the protagonists are all just as engaging as the characters in the first novel, the villains may have fallen just a bit short of their predecessors. But even so, there are enough zombies around to keep an ever-present element of danger throughout the book. This book also gets to explore some of the characters a bit more, even creates a bit of tension between the protagonists that might be an interesting story thread going into the third book.

Another strong effort, equally as entertaining as the original. Looking forward to finishing the series.

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