Rise of the Dead

*Best New Zombie Books of 2016*


Rise of the Dead is a zombie novel with a lot of guts that aims for the brain, blending literary fiction with post-apocalyptic thrills.

Blake was never one for taking chances. He lived in a world of formulas and equations. A statistician in a controlled society where everything had become predictably mundane. That world disappeared the day the dead got up and began attacking the living.

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My phone says it’s three minutes after eight on a dewy spring morning. Beneath the cloudless sky, I squint at the glare on my screen. I’m sitting at a crowded train station, but I might as well be alone. Commuters around me listen to their headphones, read their magazines, or tap mindlessly at their phones. We spend our whole lives learning ways to block each other out. It’s safe to stay locked away in the dark bunkers of our minds.

To kill a few minutes, I read a news story on my phone about a plane that went down in the Hudson River. I follow a link to another story about protesters rioting on Wall Street. Reporters witnessed explosions, looting, and civil unrest.

Return of the Dead

A violent disaster has caused the dead to rise, but that was only the beginning. Now, society has broken down, the dead control the cities, and what is left of humanity is entangled in a fierce struggle for survival and control. Even facing extinction, mankind still struggles to overcome the ideological differences that have divided the world for years.

With a mix of new and familiar characters, Return of the Dead takes the series into the next phase of the apocalypse with a fresh narrative perspective, while staying true to the classic zombie genre themes.

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When the vultures are circling, something bad is about to happen. I never used to see many of them, but ever since the dead started walking I see them all the time. That’s how I can always tell when we got trouble nearby. I lower the binoculars and wipe the sweat from my eyelids.

“Scout,” Steven whispers. “What do you see?”

There isn’t anyone around for miles, but he is accustomed to whispering now. We all are.

“Nothing good,” I tell him.