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December Update

Happy Holidays!


December is here and thank goodness! Because November was a horrible writing month for me. There is no sense is sugar-coating it. I got very little done after the first week.

It wasn’t all bad, though.

Writing Rage of the Dead was very inspiring for me. It was the fastest I’d ever cranked out a novel, and was really about doing whatever it takes to get where you need to go in life.

So after it came out, I’d made myself commit to sucking it up and quitting my bad nicotine habit once and for all. Now, this is a decades long love affair mind you. I’d failed at giving it up numerous times before. I even thought I’d fail this time.

But dang it, I did it. Over 4 weeks now.

So, writing Rage Of The Dead was a big deal for me. While working on it, I learned a lot about myself and what I can do when I set my mind to it. Also to stop worrying what others might think and just create the stories I want. These were huge hurdles for me. So I’m keeping that mentality going forward.

The downside was it was incredibly hard to write. Every time I tried, I’d trigger cravings within a few minutes and get too frustrated to focus. So all my plans for writing in November went up in smoke… but at least only figuratively.

For awhile there, I was afraid I would not be able to enjoy writing anymore. It was that hard. But the last week has been much better. I’m back to writing every day and catching up all my projects. I barely got the new episode of Dead Souls up on the first Friday of Decemeber, but I’d be damned if I was going to miss that deadline.

As for my other stories, Blackest Friday is all written and will be up on Patreon as soon as I finish editing in the next couple days. I’m still working on The Farmhouse, but that should be up in the next week.

As soon as that is wrapped up, I’ll get a chance to edit the first chapter of Refuge of the Dead and have that up as well. I will be posting the promised exclusive updates about my next books on Patreons this weekend as well. I’m really just diving back into those stories after several weeks of getting well, but I can’t wait to get the next book out as well.

November may have been a sucky month for creating new content, but I’m looking to make up for it in December.

As always thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the stories this month!