Dead Souls

There is a darkness inside of all of us. Sometimes that darkness gets out and consumes us and turns us into monsters. Some people might say we deserve to die. But most of those people aren’t around anymore. When the dead began to rise, it was that darkness that allowed us to survive.

We might really be the monsters, but at least we are still alive… for now.

Rain battered the windshield as Lowell clenched the steering wheel and fought to see the road through the condensation on the glass. He reached a hand up to wipe at the moisture with the sleeve of his denim jacket but his breath only seemed to make the situation worse. He couldn’t see shit. He cursed and cranked up the air conditioning even though it had broken long ago.

It was bad enough trying to see in this rain, but the roads out here in rural Ohio were dark as hell, too. Lightning shattered the sky momentarily and illuminated the countryside in a white blaze. In the distance, he could see the treetops along the horizon and the black shape of a darkened farmhouse in the distance. Maybe the power was out in this area. That wouldn’t be a surprise. This was a hell of a storm. Every time the powerful wind gusted it nearly blew the old Mercury Cougar off the road. He took his foot of the gas and reduced his speed. He thought about pulling over and waiting the storm out on the side of the road, but then he thought better of it and kept driving.