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Cover Reveal – Return of the Dead

Okay, I finally got some kind of big news that I’m sure you guys will be happy about. The release date for my next book will be set in the next week, so you will soon be able to pre-order it! I’ve still got some work to do to get it fully completed before publication, but I’m feeling confident enough to set the date and get it ready for sale on Amazon.

While finishing up the story, the working title has changed, and is finalized as Return of the Dead. I’ve gotten some fantastic cover art done and am really stoked to share it with you guys. Check it out:



If you liked the first book of the series, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love the second book even more. There are new characters to love, plus some surprising appearances from the first book along the way. While it was fun to drop a lot of tidbits from the first novel into the second book, I’m pretty sure you can enjoy it even if you don’t make all the connections right away, or if you never even read the first book at all. While it is a series, I tried to make each novel stand alone and redevelop the characters in a different way each time around.

As much as it has been a struggle to wrap this story up, I’ve been getting a lot of writing done since the beginning of December and have no shortage of stories ready to be put on paper. While I still have a start on the third book for this series, I’ve got several other ideas in the pipeline as well that I’m anxious to get working on. I also still have a desire to go back and re-publish the first book. When it was originally released, I honestly wasn’t expecting to have it read by many people, so I still have the urge to go back and re-write a decent chunk of it. I guess I will wait to see how the sequel does and if you guys want another dose of this series, or would like to move on to something new. So be sure to let me know!

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