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Book Five?

As I’ve been getting closer to wrapping up book three and starting the fourth and what I thought would be the final installment of the series, I started to develop another storyline that I’m really interested in adding into the series. So yes, as of today, I am planning to also add a fifth and final story to the Rise of the Dead series.

Originally, I wrote Rise of the Dead just for fun and because I always wanted to write a whole book. I would have been thrilled just to have a copy of my own. I never planned to make a series. Even my second book was initially supposed to be a stand-alone before I later decide to expand the Rise of the Dead universe.

I still wasn’t sure I’d want to keep it going… I have a lot of other stories to get around to someday.

So it was hard to set those ideas aside and create book three, but I felt like there was much more to this series that still needed to be told. So here we are.

Halfway through book three, I came up with the plotline for the final book. Now a couple months later, I’ve thought through another storyline that fits between book three and book five. So you can expect now five installments in this series before I move on to something new.

Here is the tentative complete series in order:

Rise of the Dead

Return of the Dead

Rage of the Dead – Nov 2018

Reign of the Dead – Early 2019

Remains of the Dead – Summer 2019


Other Projects

I have still been adding to Dead Souls, but what started as just a for-fun idea has really sort of sunk in and I will be publishing that as a series, possibly under a different pen name.

I am also creating characters and plotlines for a zombie series inspired in part by my love of the video game The Division. A government agency tasked with defending our country and infrastructure in the event of global catastrophe. I’m really stoked about getting into this.

Then I still have a pair of other novels for a series or an epic-ly long novel focused around the super rich in the apocalypse.

And finally, I am still working on a stand-alone slasher fiction horror novel.


So while it may seem like things have been coming out incredibly slow, I am working on a number of ideas all at once and at some point, more and more of them will get into the market. Until then, I need to keep plugging away and try to keep adding as many thousands of words a day that I can. Some days it’s hard to get motivated or focused, but I’m learning to keep my eyes on the bigger picture of all the stories I still have to find time to tell. A lot of people plan on writing books their whole lives and spend it waiting for the story to come to them, but writers learn to tell the story even when it won’t come to them. That is something I have learned to commit myself to.

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