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Apocalypse Z: The Wrath of the Just

The Wrath of the Just (Apocalypse Z, #3)The Wrath of the Just by Manel Loureiro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really loved the first two novels. The third was more of a struggle to get into. The story is still told very well, but there are a lot more of shifts in perspective than in the previous novels. The constantly changing perspective made it more difficult to really get into this novel than it’s predecessors. As soon as you get involved in what is happening to one character, the perspective shifts and the narrator is in a different character’s thoughts.

The characters are all still very well developed and the plot is structured well. Manel Loureiro is one of my favorite storytellers because most of his characters are quite memorable. Some scenes of the novel are pretty intense. It’s enough to keep the story moving along to the ending, but the pace tends to be much slower than his usual work. There is a lot of background on many of the characters that bogs this novel down a bit.

I really wanted to give this one a five star, because as a whole I have really enjoyed most of the series. However, this installment just didn’t quite work as well as the first two. All in all, it’s still a great read, and if you read the first two books you’ll want to find out where the story goes.

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