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3 Days Until Book 3 Goes On Pre-Order

Are you guys ready for this?


In three days, book three in the Rise of the Dead series goes on pre-order. As I’ve been working on the book just about non-stop, I can’t tell you how excited I am getting for the release. This book reminds me a lot of the first book, but yet brings a whole new dimension at the same time. It connects and expands and then comes around and carries the whole series in a new direction. But most of all, I’ve got more characters that have joined the family and they are great, but of course… not all of them are going to see the end. It might just be my favorite book so far.

And… since I know how this story ends now, I know you will probably want to get book four much faster next time around. I am going to make that happen.


Here is all the stuff immediately in the works right now:

  • Book Three will officially release on November 1.
  • John Crosthwaite is coming back and has agreed to narrate book three. Audiobook production will begin as soon as I can finally get book two wrapped up.
  • November 1 I will also be re-releasing my short story “A Peaceful Town” from the Undead Worlds anthology for free as well. It will be available in iTunes, Amazon, Nook, B&N and everywhere else I can get it out.
  • Rise of the Dead is getting a cover makeover to match the rest of the series and new paperbacks will be available for sale.
  • I’m going to be releasing the cover for book 4 this fall as well. As well as setting a date and putting it up for pre-order.


Finally, I’ve been managing to actually get a lot of writing done and I have no plans to stop or slow down this pace again any time soon. My goal is to have the book five complete by spring and move on to a new series. Thank you guys that have hung with me through the years. I know it’s been a long wait for some of these books! Currently, I’m logging an average of 30,000 words a month. With any luck I will be able to double that soon enough, and at that pace, you will see a lot more books coming soon.

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