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The landscape surrounding White Sands is stark and unforgiving and now it belongs to the dead. I take the hose of my camel bag from Claire and swallow down the last bit of water before I shrug the pack off and toss it inside the pickup.

“What do we do now, Chase?” she asks me.

“I don’t know,” I admit.

Hundreds of soulless creatures trudge toward us through the desert. The scorching sun glints off the sand and slowly cooks our bodies. No human can survive in conditions like this. But those things out there aren’t human. They’re relentless. Remorseless. And they’re everywhere now.


Return of the Dead

A violent disaster has caused the dead to rise, but that was only the beginning. Now, society has broken down, the dead control the cities, and what is left of humanity is entangled in a fierce struggle for survival and control. Even facing extinction, mankind still struggles to overcome the ideological differences that have divided the world for years.

With a mix of new and familiar characters, Return of the Dead takes the series into the next phase of the apocalypse with a fresh narrative perspective, while staying true to the classic zombie genre themes.

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When the vultures are circling, something bad is about to happen. I never used to see many of them, but ever since the dead started walking I see them all the time. That’s how I can always tell when we got trouble nearby. I lower the binoculars and wipe the sweat from my eyelids.

“Scout,” Steven whispers. “What do you see?”

There isn’t anyone around for miles, but he is accustomed to whispering now. We all are.

“Nothing good,” I tell him.

Jeremy Dyson

Jeremy Dyson is a fiction author, and Rise of the Dead is his first novel. Within 3 weeks of the release his first book was named as one of the best new zombie novels of 2016 by Ranking Squad. He has previously worked for several years as a freelance copywriter, as well as a number of odd jobs that have helped him get by and have motivated him to focus on his fiction. He is a member of the Chicago Writers Association.

He attended the University of Iowa where he majored in English. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with his two adorable daughters and his loving, supportive wife. His family is what inspires him to write and motivate him to work harder each day.

Rise of the Dead was inspired by his love for the zombie genre. His writing influences are J.D. Salinger, Cormac McCarthy, Ernest Hemingway, Raymond Carver and George Romero. He is currently at work on a sequel to Rise of the Dead, a book of short stories, and a work of literary fiction.

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